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The historic State Theatre in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota has a long and storied history. The history of the State Theatre is actually so long that the City of Minneapolis went out of their way to pay for the theatre and make sure that it was suitable to use for the people of Minneapolis. The State Theatre Minnesota is located at 805 Hennepin Avenue South in downtown Minneapolis. State Theatre tickets are in high demand as the intimate venue brings big name concerts and theatre shows to the Twin Cities.


The State Theatre was originally opened in Feb 5, 1921 and was labeled one of the finest in the country. The cost was approximately one million dollars and was designed by Chicago architect J.E.O. Pridemore. The main floor was glass, allowing direct light from beneath found nowhere else. State Theatre also featured one of the earliest forms of air conditioning, using pipes and vents which delivered cool air using artesian well water approximately 840 feet underground, keeping the temperature around 72 degrees.


The State Theatre opening night production included a silent film, newsreel and a travelogue. In 1925, a Wurlitzer pipe organ was installed for the enjoyment of the seated audiences at silent movies. The first concert was January 24, with Eddie Dunsteadter at the Manuals. State Theatre Concerts were held every day for 50 cents. In 1925 to 1958, the theatre was used mainly as a movie house. In 1989, the City of Minneapolis bought the LaSalle block, which includes the State Theatre, for approximately $11 million. November 1991, three years after restoration, the State Theatre reopens with Minnesota Opera's production of Carousel. The total State Theater restoration costs came to $8.8 million.


The historic State Theatre lobby chandeliers are not the originals, but the same age as the theatre. The six chandeliers in the house are the originals, as are the murals on the State Theatre walls. When sitting at the State Theatre, you cannot complain about the view. The State Theatre Seating Chart offers great views to 1,286 patrons on the main floor, 662 chairs in the balcony, and the State Theatre pit has 30 chairs arranged in two long rows. Capacity for the State Theatre Seating Chart is 2,163.


Since the reopening in 1991, State Theatre Minneapolis has hosted live Broadway touring productions and concerts. The State Theatre has those wonderful shows everyone loves from Loyce Houlton's "Nutcracker Fantasy", Avenue Q, to High School Musical. The State Theatre has a wide variety of shows and is a hot Minneapolis ticket. People who go to the historic State Theatre, say that the shows are great and seating is fabulous. Get your State Theatre tickets now and see for yourself!


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