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Quick!  Can you identify the importance of the following terms? 



Rally flags

Boarack Ohama


As any loyal Saint Paul Saints fan could tell you, the first term refers to the Saint Paul Saints mascot: a beloved pig.  The second is an inflatable freebie given to spectators to cheer on the Saints during crucial come-from-behind innings.  And the final term, Boarack Ohama, is the nickname given to the Saints "ball pig" who is proudly led on the field before each game in all his pudgy glory.  Though Boarack Ohama is only a "ball pig" in name (he spends the rest of the game watching from the sidelines instead of chasing fouls), his appearance brings the crowd to their feet and pumps up the energy before the Saint Paul Saints roster take the field.


This list is just a sliver of all the ways the Saint Paul Saints baseball franchise gets people excited.  Few teams take such interest in pleasing their fans like the Saint Paul Saints staff members make a point to do every single game.  Fireworks?  You got it!  Free Chipotle coupons?  It's happened.  Memories to last a lifetime?  You betcha!  Baseball enthusiasts and lay people alike can enjoy the atmosphere of games in Midway Stadium right on Energy Park Drive in St. Paul.  The Saint Paul Saints generally finish with a winning record and the delicious food, entertainment, and superfans only enhance the experience. 


Nothing spells summer in America like outdoor baseball, and Saint Paul Saints tickets are your key to sharing in this time-honored tradition.  Best of all, Saint Paul Saints tickets are incredibly affordable, making it easy for the whole family to catch several games without breaking the bank.  Like all our tickets, Saint Paul Saints tickets come with no hokey service charges so this entertainment truly is at the best value possible.  What are you waiting for?  Your Saint Paul Saints tickets are just a couple clicks away!  Enjoy the game!


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