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The Pantages Theatre in downtown Minneapolis is named for Greek immigrant Alexander Pantages. Pantages opened in October 27, 1916 and was the 26th theatre of what would in time become a total of 500 Pantages theatres opened nationwide by Alexander Pantages. The Pantages theatre is a historic theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The original building was a Beaux-Art style twelve-story complex designed by architectural firm Kees & Colburn, but was later scaled back to a two-story Art Moderne façade with a Beaux Art interior that accommodated around 1600 people. Pantages Theatre tickets offer a great show in a beautiful location.


The Pantages building cost approximately $15,000 to construct and was boasting of having the first air-conditioning in Minneapolis; it was done by cooling the air with ice. Pantages also created the mezzanine, carpeted lobby on the balcony level with restrooms and telephones. The very first show at the Minneapolis Pantages Theatre consisted of a lineup of singers, comedians, and even a banjo player. In 1922, the Pantages Theatre added a new glass dome high above the auditorium to add a spectacular flare to the theatre. In 1926, Pantages Theatre's entry way was renovated with a new façade of Saint Cloud red granite.


In 1945, Edmond R. Ruben bought the Pantages and renovated again, decreasing The Pantages Theatre Seating Chart to a  capacity of 1400 and adding bird's-eye maple woodwork. The re-opening day took place on April 14, 1946, with a showing of Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford. In 1961, Ruben sold the Minneapolis Pantages Theatre to Ted Mann, who again renovates the theater decreasing the Pantages Theater seatingchat to only 110 seats with red padded metal rocker seats, and removing Pantages' Mezzanine. The Pantages Theatre reopened on March 15, 1961 with the movie Spartacus. The theatre remained in operation until 1984, and remained empty until the City of Minneapolis bought it in 1998 and added the Pantages Theatre to the Minneapolis Hennepin Theatre Trust. After four careful years of restoration, the Pantages Theatre reopened on November 8, 2002.


Now in its final state the Pantages Theatre Seating Chart can accomodate just under 1,000 people. The Pantages Theatre is primarily a live, off-Broadway production venue, but also features music concerts and corporate events such as The Blenders, Daniel Tosh, and John Trones with Jim Brickman, "Christmas in the City" to name a few. Because of the great history of the Pantages Theatre and the incredible location makes this venue a hot spot in Minneapolis. Lesser known musical artists tend to prefer to play the Pantages over the Orpheum because of smaller capacity. So if you are thinking of or have a chance to go to an event at the Pantages Theatre, don't hesitate, buy Pantages Theatre tickets today and enjoy!


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