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You may think of animals and exotic plants when you hear Minnesota Zoo, but the MN Zoo, Imax Theatre and Zoo Ampitheatre are working to make an association with the Minnesota Zoo and summer concerts, get your Zoo Concert Tickets here and start making new associations!  



The Minnesota Zoo recently made headlines with its multi-million dollar addition entitled "Russia's Grizzly Coast".  Three massive grizzly bears now roam freely in a natural environment which provides plenty of viewing opportunities for thousands of Minnesota Zoo guests and has quickly become one of the zoo's most popular exhibits.


However, there is another reason why the Minnesota Zoo is making headlines.  Musical groups have been invited to the Minnesota Zoo Amphitheatre to perform outdoor, summer concerts, sponsored by Subway.  Over 1,400 guests can take in awesome live music played by the likes of Chris Isaak, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Sonny Landreth.  Dancing space is roped off to the right of the stage for people to physically participate in the concerts and comfortable seats ring the stage for a more sedate experience.  Minnesota Zoo concerts provide a great chance to be outside and enjoy both Top-40 and classic rock acts.


Minnesota Zoo concert tickets are available today.  A Minnesota Zoo concert ticket will grant you access to an upcoming show of talented local acts and more prominent groups around the country.  To catch a small, outdoor concert, purchase Minnesota Zoo concert tickets today. 


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