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The Big 10 College Basketball Conference is the oldest Division I conference in the United States.  Formed in 1896, the original Big 10 conerence was dubbed the Western Conference.  By 1899, Iowa and Indiana had also joined and the conference was renamed the Big Nine.  By 1917, Michigan also joined and the conference was officially dubbed the Big Ten.  Today, the Big Ten Conference is much the same as it was those years ago.  Primarily composed of midwestern schools, the Big Ten manages 12 mens' and 13 womens' varsity sports and headquarters are in Park Ridge, Illinois.


The Big 10 Conference actually includes 11 member institutions as follows:  

The University of Illinois Fighting Illini

Indiana Hoosiers

Iowa Hawkeyes

Michigan Wolverines

Michigan State Spartans

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Northwestern Wildcats

Ohio Buckeyes

Pennsylvania State Nittany Lions

Purdue Boilermakers

Wisconsin Badgers


Rivalries in the Big 10 Conference are especially heated during basketball season.  The Michigan Wolverines and Michigan State Spartans share an instate competition. The Indiana Hoosiers and Purdue Boilermaker's rivalary is based on the success of both teams who carry the honor of having captured more conference titles.


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